American Graduate and LPB

The Louisiana Educational Television Authority (LETA) is the governing body for Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB).  Founded in 1975, LPB is the public television network for the state of Louisiana with stations in Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe and Shreveport. LPB also is co-owner of WLAE-TV in  New Orleans.

LPB’s mission has always been to tell Louisiana’s story through award-winning documentaries such as the duPont Columbia Award-winning six-part series Louisiana: A History; Louisiana: 200 Years Of Statehood; Kate Chopin: a Reawakening; Sunshine by the Stars: Celebrating Louisiana Music; and many others. Louisiana: The State We’re In, LPB’s weekly newsmagazine, and Louisiana Public Square, a monthly town hall discussion, provide viewers with information about the important issues facing our state.

Education has also been a major emphasis for LPB. Since 1995, LPB has been part of the Ready to Learn and Raising Readers programs. The goal of these programs is to prepare pre-school children to succeed in school by helping them obtain the literacy skills they need to learn how to read. One of the major parts of these programs is the very successful Super WHY! camps, a week-long program that helps at-risk children improve their literacy skills. LPB also works with 10 day care centers in New Orleans and five North Baton Rouge schools and Head Start Centers to prepare them to succeed in school. Since the First book program was started in 1995, LPB has handed out more than one million books to children. Educators also have access to millions of video clips to enhance their lesson plans through LPB/PBS LearningMedia and Discovery Education streaming.

LPB has also recognized the accomplishments of middle and high school students through the Louisiana Young Heroes program and the lifetime achievements of outstanding artists, authors, athletes, entertainers, political figures, military men and women and business people through the Louisiana Legends Gala and the Louisiana Legends interview series.


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